In-Home ABA Therapy

Surpass Behavioral Health is a leading provider of in-home ABA therapy services for children and adolescents with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). By providing high-quality, personalized treatment within the familiar and nurturing environment of your child’s home, our compassionate staff is committed to helping your child reach their full potential.

An RBT playing with a child with autism in his playroom at home.

What is In-Home ABA Therapy?

In-home ABA therapy refers to the delivery of Applied Behavior Analysis services within your home environment. This approach allows children and adolescents to receive individualized ABA therapy while remaining in their natural setting. An experienced Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) will assess your child to gain an understanding of their needs, challenges, and goals. They will then put together a treatment plan that will be facilitated by a Registered Behavior Technician in the home environment.

In-Home vs Center-Based ABA Therapy

While both in-home and center-based ABA aim to support children and teens with autism, they differ in terms of the setting and context where therapy takes place. In-home ABA therapy occurs within the familiar surroundings of the child’s home, helping with targeted skill development in a natural environment. This approach promotes generalization of skills and offers opportunities for further family involvement and consistency of support.

On the other hand, center-based ABA therapy takes place in a dedicated facility or clinic specifically designed for ABA sessions. It provides an immersive and controlled environment with access to specialized resources and equipment. Center-based therapy also often allows for social interaction with peers, facilitating social skills development.

Benefits of In-Home ABA Therapy

In-home ABA therapy offers a range of benefits for children and adolescents as well as their families. Some of the key benefits of in-home aba therapy include:

  • Enhanced Generalization of Skills: In-home ABA therapy provides opportunities for children to learn and practice skills within their own environment. This helps in promoting the generalization of skills across different settings and tasks, allowing children to apply what they have learned in therapy to real-life situations.
  • Increased Family Involvement: In-home ABA therapy encourages active participation and involvement from all family members, including siblings. This involvement facilitates the consistent application of strategies and techniques, leading to better outcomes for the child.
  • Targeting Specific Skills: Having access to familiar tools or items that will allow us to target skills based on the child’s individual needs. These skills include adaptive living skills, such as making the bed, cooking, doing laundry, etc.

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What to Expect During Home ABA Therapy

Surpass offers in-home ABA therapy programs with both daytime and afternoon availability. Our BCBAs and RBTs will work 1:1 with your child on community and/or home-based skills to help them achieve their goals and ensure long-term behavior change.


We believe in the importance of understanding your child’s unique needs and challenges to provide the best possible care. Before beginning in-home therapy one of our experienced BCBAs will conduct a thorough assessment of your child’s current behaviors within your home and/or our clinic. This assessment is essential for identifying your child’s strengths and areas that need improvement. Our BCBA will spend time observing and interacting with your child to gain valuable insights into their behavior patterns, communication skills, and family interactions.

During the assessment process, we prioritize open communication with you, the parent or guardian. We recognize that you possess valuable information about your child’s daily life and experiences. We aim to gain a full understanding of your child’s behaviors beyond the therapy sessions. All the information gathered will be used to develop a comprehensive treatment plan. We conduct reassessments every six months to discuss your child’s progress during sessions and ensure meaningful change is happening outside of therapy. If necessary, during this time we will make adjustments to the treatment plan.


Pairing is a crucial process during in-home ABA sessions. It involves building a positive relationship between the child and our therapists. At the beginning of each session, our RBT will spend time playing with your child and their favorite toys, as well as engaging with them in enjoyable conversations and activities. By doing so, your child will establish positive rapport with their RBT and BCBA, fostering a sense of trust and comfort. By prioritizing trust-building in our approach, we increase the potential of treatment success.

Tools and Activities

During home ABA therapy we seek to create an engaging environment where your child can learn. While we come prepared with our own supplies, we also recognize the significance of incorporating familiar and meaningful items from the child’s home. These may include special toys or other personal belongings that hold significance for the child, promoting a sense of motivation during the sessions.

Session activities will be facilitated by your child’s RBT, but are overseen by their BCBA. The activities targeted during sessions are similar to those learned in a clinic setting, focusing on essential behaviors and skills. However, home ABA therapy also offers the unique opportunity to develop home-based skills, such as promoting positive sibling interactions, establishing successful daily routines, and facilitating potty training, among others. The session activities are tailored to your child’s age and skill level, and adjusted based on your child’s individual progress and needs.

Parent Involvement

Parental collaboration is an integral part of our in-home ABA program and is necessary for the generalization of skills learned during therapy sessions. Due to sessions taking place in the home, we do require a parent or legal guardian to be present in the home at all times. To further support our families throughout their child’s ABA program, your child’s BCBA will create a custom parent training schedule with the family to meet at least once a month. These comprehensive training sessions are designed to equip parents with the knowledge and skills needed to apply ABA strategies in various environments beyond sessions and the home. Our goal is to strengthen our partnerships and ensure that you feel confident and supported in playing an active role in your child’s journey to success.

Yes, in-home ABA therapy is highly effective. This personalized approach promotes skill acquisition and behavior improvement, as therapists can focus on doing interventions can utilize resources available at home for interventions to the child’s specific needs. It also provides personalized support in a familiar environment which makes it easier for the kids to get used to it.

The duration of in-home ABA therapy sessions can vary depending on the child’s age, needs, and treatment goals. Typically, sessions range from 1 to 3 hours each, with multiple sessions per week, but there are also full-time programs where the sessions are longer. The specific session length and frequency will be determined during the initial assessment and treatment planning process, considering the child’s overall treatment requirements.

Generally, therapy sessions can be scheduled 2 to 5 times per week (10-40 hours per week), with each session lasting for a predetermined duration. The frequency of sessions will be determined collaboratively by the BCBA, RBT, and the child’s family, considering the child’s requirements and progress.

At Surpass Behavioral Health we believe that family involvement is vital, that’s why family members may actively participate in the ABA therapy sessions. Working closely with the ABA therapists, family members like siblings can learn and implement ABA strategies in various environments, promoting consistency and continuity of support.

Creating an ideal setting for in-home ABA therapy involves setting up a quiet, organized space for sessions. It’s important to ensure that the therapy area is free from distractions and easily accessible to the child. Here are some tips to help you get started:

  • Designate a therapy area: Set aside a specific area in your home where therapy sessions will take place. 
  • Organize materials: Gather any materials or toys that the therapist may need during the In-home ABA therapy sessions. 
  • Minimize distractions: Create a quiet and calm environment by reducing background noise and distractions.

The cost of in-home ABA Therapy can vary depending on the child’s treatment plan and insurance coverage.  We recommend reaching out to our team to discuss specific coverage and explore available financial options to ensure your child’s needs are met effectively. Please complete our Intake Form, and a dedicated member of our Intake team can help to confirm your coverage and provide you with a Verification of Benefits (VOB) summary.

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