Making a Positive Impact
With a Client-First ABA Approach

Behind the BCBA: Lauren Steffens

Being a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) is a fulfilling yet challenging role that requires a steadfast commitment to the best interests of the children and teens they serve. Lauren Steffens is a BCBA at Surpass Behavioral Health’s autism therapy clinic in Lindenhurst, Illinois who has a passion for making a positive impact. Lauren, along with our team of BCBAs, strives to improve the quality of life for our clients and their families through our client-first approach to Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy. Our team recently met with Lauren to discuss why she pursued a career in ABA, how she focuses on providing quality care to her clients, and her advice for aspiring BCBAs.   

Discovering a Passion for Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)

Before deciding to major in psychology, Lauren was initially studying biology with hopes of pursuing medical school. After changing her major and researching potential career options, Lauren discovered the field of ABA and immediately fell in love. She has experience working with children with special needs and found that ABA was perfectly aligned with her interests. When initially being introduced to the field, Lauren began her career as a Registered Behavior Technician (RBT) while she continued her education to complete her master’s degree in ABA and become a BCBA. Since then, she has had the opportunity to work in a variety of settings such as the clinic, home, hospital and local school districts which has allowed her to develop a diverse skill set.

Setting the Foundation for Quality Care

As a BCBA at Surpass Behavioral Health, Lauren’s dedication to her clients allows her to work in both the clinic and school district settings. She values the opportunity to support her clients in different environments by providing supervision for RBTs, assisting in direct care for clients, and supporting teachers in the classroom. Mentoring and supporting her team of technicians is important to Lauren, with the goal of ensuring they are equipped with the knowledge and skills to implement their clients’ programming plans effectively. Her commitment to her clients and team’s growth and development sets the foundation for quality care.

The Value of Working Relationships

It is easy to see the passion Lauren has for working with children and teens, especially those who have trauma experiences or challenging behaviors. She constantly goes above and beyond to ensure her clients achieve their goals and surpass expectations by using proper ABA techniques and seeking evidence-based research to support her programming. Understanding the importance of building trust, Lauren fosters strong working relationships with her clients and their families. She is always finding ways to support others by actively participating in client pickups and drop-offs and promotes parent training and parent partnership. Lauren’s ability to engage with families from diverse backgrounds and cultures illustrates her commitment to adaptability and inclusion.

Advice for Aspiring BCBAs

Being a BCBA can at times be very challenging, but Lauren believes in finding moments of joy throughout the day to help combat the tough days. She encourages anyone who is interested in pursuing a career in ABA to truly research the field and determine if it’s a good fit, such as starting off your journey as a technician. Being a BCBA requires a willingness to tackle any task to support your staff, clients and their families. Lauren has found comfort in identifying a healthy work-life balance by setting boundaries, engaging in good mental health activities, and by cultivating a strong support system for her own personal and professional growth.

Embracing the Joy of Life

Lauren understands the importance of work-life balance to improve productivity, reduce stress, and remain connected with the important people in her life. She finds joy beyond her professional endeavors by watching scary movies, attending concerts, and exploring new restaurants. In the midst of wedding planning, Lauren cherishes time spent with her fiancé and her German Shepherd, Murphy. If you know Lauren, you know her love for both her fur baby and her profession as a BCBA are undoubtedly evident in her life.

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